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Book Fair Tomorrow!

Tomorrow morning, Thursday, March 15, our class will be going to the book fair.


Happy “Homemade” Valentine’s Day

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Valentine Card Exchange

We will be having a Valentine card exchange next week on Wednesday, February 14. Please have your child make 22 cards to give to their classmates. I will be giving out some paper tomorrow for students that do not have any crafting materials at home. The Valentine cards can be as simple or as elaborate as your child wants. I’ve added some pictures below of some ideas we found online today. You can use them, modify them, or come up with ideas of your own. Name List: C.J., Chase, Ian, Makyla, Mason, Alyssa, Blake, Amelia, Ava, Jackson, Gretchen, Rayne, Josh, Connor, Brooklyn, Jaden, Dexter, Michael, Carter, Addison, Logan, Bladen

AE Tigers had a “ROARING” good time with their WCHS Wolves Pen Pals.

Toilet Paper = Snowman

I’ve been collecting little POM juice bottles since last year. We will be using them to make snowmen in the next week or two. Please send in a roll of white toilet paper if you haven’t already. Thanks!

Sick Stories…

Oh my! With so much sickness going around, we thought we would right some “sick” stories. We’ve worked on various types of writing and the student work was varied too. We have examples of personal narratives, realistic fiction, fantasy, and some attempts at drama. We’ve had a classroom of fake coughs and sneezes as they’ve read their stories to themselves and each other. What 2nd grader doesn’t like to go around the room reading ACH-CHA-CHA-OOOO…! Cracked me up!

If I could figure out how to upload a Smart Notebook image of the artwork I would. ADORABLE!



Vocabulary 1/17-1/26

These are the words we will focus on for reading and meaning.

above – opposite of below, overhead

toward – in the direction of

ago – from the past

whole – complete

enough – no more needed, satisfied

word – group of letters with meaning

consumers – people that use something or buy something at a store, shoppers, users

producers – people that make or grow something, workers

strand – length of fiber or threat twisted together to make yarn

lack – not having

decision – choice

fiber – thread, thread-like


typical – common, ordinary

hurricanes – dangerous storms with very strong wind and rain

resources – things used to meet needs

scarcity – when there isn’t enough of something for everyone’s wants or needs

trade-off – giving up one thing for another